Coherent™ is the Health Information Solution for various healthcare institutions ranging from hospitals, multi-specialty medical centers to single physician clinics. The product health systems management information system assists healthcare entities to take their practice to the next level by efficiently managing their patients’ medical information.

Through this product health systems management, our goal is to facilitate management to achieve high performance throughout the healthcare institution. Coherent™ provides fast, simple, and secured access to medical practitioners and other healthcare user groups to effectively manage daily practice management operations. Unlike traditional healthcare information solutions available in the market, it delivers both operational and financial benefits by seamlessly organizing information among user groups.

customer information system

Benefits & Target Customers


  1. Multiple sites management
  2. Efficient collaboration among service excellence, clinical practitioners, nursing stations, billing professionals, and insurance teams
  3. Highest Return on Investment
  4. Elimination of paper-based workflows
  5. Delivers both operational and financial benefits

Target Customers

Coherent™ is the state-of-art solution for the following healthcare institutions:

  1. Hospitals
  2. The multi-specialty medical group having multiple clinics
  3. Medical Centers
  4. Day-care Surgery Centers



Below mentioned features shall exist in the back-office portal:

  1. Patient Registration
  2. OPD Appointment Scheduling (Filter and Specialist Clinics)
  3. Admission and Discharge with Bed Management
  4. Ward Management
  5. Pharmacy solution
  6. Laboratory Information Solution
  7. Radiology Information Solution
  8. Clinical Notes for OPD, IPD, and OT
  9. HR and Payroll management
  10. Financial Accounting
  11. Security module (Roles, permissions)
  12. Setup module


  1. Improved Processes
  2. Digital Medical Records
  3. Financial Control
  4. Insurance Claiming Processing Records
  5. Staff interaction


Coherent™ is based on a Microsoft ASP.NET MVC technology stack with supported databases as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.

Deployment options are:

  • Cloud-based hosting
  • On-premise hosting