We believe that the experience of customers from customer Information system appointment booking to encounter with the service provider must be drastically changed to build a good perception and strong relationship

  • Customer engagement is vital during the service provision process
  • Customer perception of service provider starts from appointment booking
Customer Information System

Customer Problem

  1. The initial visit to the service provider institution to get the call number
  2. Physical appearance required at all times to wait for an appointment call
  3. Missing other important tasks due to long waiting times
  4. Physical infrastructure cost to handle the volume of customers
  5. Front Desk management of customers and their call numbers Manual entry of customer information into the system


  1. Online Check-in for customers
  2. Automation of Appointment Booking with the desired service provider
  3. Customer to be informed about appointment time-slot
  4. Service provider notified in real-time
  5. Ability to book and check-in appointment on-site as well
  6. Online notifications for schedule change

Our Creative Product

Customer Searches

  • Customer Searches Service Provider Customer Notified Customer searches a service
    provider by category and nearest location books appointment on the desired date, and gets expected time-slot

Service Provider

  • The service Provider receptionist shall have an online customer queue available with options of check-in, service started and check-out

Customer Notified

  • Customer notified online about estimated time left for the appointment call

SmartQ Benefits

  1. Improved customer satisfaction
  2. Reduction of customer waiting time
  3. Effective planning of a service provider schedule
  4. Increased customer loyalty
  5. Fulfilling of appointments based on capacity
  6. Service Provider cost-cutting through effective processes
  7. New marketing channel for the institution to outreach new customer